Meet your 2021 growth goals by focusing on your most promising prospects

Many of our partners are looking to significantly strengthen their up-sell, cross-sell, and customer engagement strategies in 2021. If you too are looking to expand your portfolio, increase acquisition, and maximize your marketing results, I recommend including Prescreens from Equifax in your marketing strategy.

Prescreens cut through the vast universe of consumers to help you identify prospects who meet your specific credit qualifications. From there, you can intelligently focus your marketing dollars on only those consumers with the potential to increase your bottom line.

When you put your message in front of qualified consumers, the chances of maximizing your ROI soar. 

How does Prescreen by Equifax work?

Prescreen works by delivering a list of pre-approved, valuable consumer prospects, tailored to your specific credit profile criteria, and quality assured by the proven Equifax Prescreen process.

What makes Prescreen unique?

This extremely robust solution, which utilizes more than 2,500+ credit attributes, allows you to tailor a targeted list specific to your needs and market, at a price point to fit your budget.

Equifax’s Prescreen solutions also leverage industry-leading data and analytics to detect and eliminate those consumers with the highest indication of fraudulent potential.

To further strengthen your marketing performance, a Prescreen can also:

  • Allow you to segment your lists into consumer groups for different offers, based on your risk-based pricing
  • Support suppression of your current customers 
  • Target only the prospects who align with your risk profile 
  • Give you confidence in making pre-approved offers