Portfolio Monitoring Solutions: Maintain and grow the right customers

We understand that you are likely under pressure to not only maintain your current portfolio but also aggressively grow it in the new year. 

That can be hard to do if you don’t have the highly detailed customer-level information you need to identify customers for your marketing efforts. 

That’s something we can help you navigate. By utilizing Equifax’s suite of portfolio monitoring solutions, you’ll gain deeper insights into your portfolio, allowing you to identify customers who fit your ideal profile or who may be in the market for other products and services. Recognizing them enables you to increase the accuracy of targeted affinity and cross-sell programs, thus improving the return on your marketing investment. This valuable insight also leads to decreased attrition within the customer segments you value the most.

When you match Equifax’s fresh, clean, and reliable data with more than 2,400 credit-based attributes to your specific business intelligence requirements, you obtain both the high-level, comprehensive view of your portfolio and the insights you require to help grow your business, while also reducing risk.

Portfolio monitoring solutions are regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Deeper insights into your portfolio make it possible to maintain and grow your current customer base.

  • Find your ideal customer profile
  • Identify candidates for increased credit limits
  • Reactivate previously delinquent accounts
  • Increase effectiveness and accuracy of targeted affinity and cross-sell promotions
  • Decrease attrition in your most valued customer segments