Quickly identify lending risks and opportunities

In a time of uncertainty, lenders face increased challenges on two fronts: many of your customers will be hit by life-altering events that increase their risk, while more prime customers will be targeted by your competitors. Smart Alerts from Equifax provides the near real-time updates and up-to-date customer data you need to effectively assess risks and opportunities as consumer credit behaviors change.

Smart Alerts from Equifax provides near real-time updates from a diverse pool of attributes and events to keep your portfolios up to date. This API driven solution is easy to set up and implement and lets you quickly mitigate risk while keeping an eye out for potential opportunities in areas such as:

• Auto loans

• Bank cards

• First mortgages

• Second mortgages

• Home equity

• Retail loans

• Student loans

• Lines of credit

Smart Alerts, an API-driven solution, gives you access to more data, faster and easier than ever. This flexible, rapid delivery, combined with the breadth and depth of our insights, creates a solution that’s truly unmatched in its functionality and performance.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase speed, security, and scalability with a stable, flexible, cloud-native platform.
  • Receive streaming updates from a diverse pool of attributes and near real-time data.
  • Uncover new opportunities and grow your business with robust consumer data and rules-based configurability.
  • Protect your market share by identifying customers that might be evaluating other credit and financing sources.
  • Identify potential losses and respond quickly to activity and events that may impact portfolio risk and performance.
  • Focus on alerts and trends that are specific to your business.

Who it’s for:

Financial institutions/lenders

focused on understanding risk in their portfolios in real-time and making competitive offers

Alternative lenders

looking to grow and manage their portfolios, particularly with smaller loans

Insurance companies

interested in understanding when life events take place such as the purchase of a new home or auto

Get notifications on risk and opportunity — at just the right time.

Smart Alerts from Equifax provides the near real-time updates you need to assess risks and opportunities as consumer credit behaviors change.

Let’s set up a time to talk about how this powerful, cloud-native solution can help you improve your portfolio performance. Contact us today!