VantageScore stands poised to become the new industry standard

Recent data helps answer that question. In 2023, VantageScore usage increased by 42% to a record volume of more than 27 billion credit scores. More than 3,400 unique banks, lenders, and other institutions used VantageScore last year, including eight of the top 10 banks.

Notable areas of VantageScore market adoption include:

  • 46% increase overall for financial institutions
  • 172% growth for credit card lenders
  • 34% increase for auto lenders
  • 6% growth for banks and thrifts

Source: 2023 VantageScore® Market Study Report, released on March 27, 2024.

If you’re looking for an affordable, increasingly predictive score model that will help you reach new consumers and meet your financial inclusion goals, it’s worth looking into VantageScore.