Enhance your acquisition of new deposit accounts AND stay compliant

We recognize that internal compliance requirements can complicate your efforts when planning your investment and deposit gathering campaigns. You must be sure that the data you are using to identify high-asset and high-income consumers is both highly-targeted and compliant.

To assist you in your efforts, Equifax makes it easier for you to use our market-leading wealth and income measures in your campaigns and analysis efforts. 

WealthComplete HD 2.2 and Income360 are now built without the use of protected-class variables, such as age or marital status.

This allows you to use financial measures of assets, investment mix, and/or income to better identify and target high-potential audiences for your products and services.

Our clients have been using these compliance-friendly solutions to help:

  • Satisfy internal compliance requirements
  • Prepare for regulatory reviews and address disparate impact inquiries
  • Meet Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) guidelines

With enhanced insights on customers’ and prospects’ assets, investments, or income through these compliant-friendly products, you’re better positioned to grow your share of a customer’s business and boost your acquisition efforts.