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Business Lending: How Credit Unions Can Raise Their Profile

Credit unions and small- to mid-size businesses may be a perfect match By Miranda GlancyOriginally published by Equifax Insights As credit unions look for ways to expand offerings and diversify asset portfolios, one area that is often overlooked is business lending. Many credit unions have avoided business loans altogether, focusing instead on individual members, and occasionally, […]

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5 High-Tech Strategies that Build Member Relationships

Meet Credit Union Members Where They Want to Do Business By Miranda GlancyOriginally published by Equifax Insights It takes more than a “smile and a handshake” to develop a relationship with members these days. Consider that nearly 40-percent of Americans say they haven’t walked through the door of a bank or credit union in the last […]

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Targeted Direct Marketing with Success

Target Consumers Who Are Most Likely to Respond to Your Pre-approved Offer Consumers have a way of tuning out loan offers — that is, until they’re actually ready to open a new account. If you can put your message in front of them at that precise moment of interest, the chances of them accepting your […]

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Marketing Live Checks

Improving Net Interest Margin with Qualified Unsecured Borrowers Averaging over 80% loan-to-share nationwide, credit unions have critical mass in consumer lending and are poised to eclipse $1 trillion in loans. But where’s the margin? At an average 0.90% ROA, most credit unions are asking themselves how to build their members’ equity in efficient and safe […]

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