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What is a live check, and how can it benefit your credit union?

It pays to write live checks. What is a live check? A live check is a real, negotiable check for a set loan amount sent to predefined member segments via direct mail. How does it work? How often should live checks go out?You decide the frequency—monthly, quarterly, annually. When sent regularly, live checks are more likely to hit mailboxes at the right […]

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Should you be doing more frequent Account Reviews?

Let’s find the ideal frequency of your Account Reviews. Now more than ever, frequent Account Reviews are critically important to your business. As the economy continues to rebound, I can help you understand your changing consumer risk, leverage seasonal opportunities, and equip you to take action. Do you wonder… Who will be able to pay their commitments […]

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Market your campaigns with earlier, increased holiday shopping in mind.

Align your holiday campaigns with shoppers’ early schedules. This year, many Americans will be looking to make up for the “missed” holidays of 2020, and to account for perceived supply-chain issues, shoppers will start early. Last year, 70% of shoppers planned to shop early to avoid crowds and out-of-stock items, according to Google product marketing manager Erin […]

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Maximize your refi programs for lower-income borrowers.

Fulfill your CRA obligations with new Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac refi programs. New options for low-income borrowers who want to refinance Fannie Mae RefiNow and Freddie Mac Refi Possible are aimed at lower-income homeowners who have not taken advantage of record-low interest rates to refinance their mortgages. Lenders are required to reduce the borrower’s monthly payment […]

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Reward employees, engage consumers with proactive credit monitoring.

Big impact. Big savings. Take advantage of our personal credit monitoring discount. Equifax personal credit monitoring offers peace of mind. You can offer proactive* personal credit monitoring to a targeted consumer segment or your employees at a discounted rate when you purchase the activation codes from us. Choose the plan that’s right for you! Equifax Credit Watch™ Gold […]

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Stay a step ahead of identity theft and synthetic ID fraud.

As more transactions move into the digital space, you’re likely challenged with detecting increasingly prevalent identity theft and more sophisticated application fraud. FraudIQ® Identity Scan Alerts are an excellent first line of defense, helping you identify both true name and synthetic identity fraud, which can assist in reducing charge-offs and other losses. Identity Scan Alerts help identify potential […]

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5 Holiday Audiences to Reach Before the End of the Year

Better marketing is powered by better data Want to know which online audiences you should be reaching this upcoming holiday season? Our Digital Targeting Segments can help you deliver your holiday promotions to the right audiences. Use our Digital Targeting Segments to reach the right online audiences just in time for high-potential shoppers to spend their cash. […]

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The new year will be here before you know it!

As you strategically plan and budget for 2022, we’d like to remind you that Equifax provides a wide range of solutions and capabilities beyond our traditional credit reports. If your strategic plan for 2022 includes priorities in technology, fraud prevention, online banking, risk management, new account acquisition, and/or process automation, consider how Equifax’s robust suite […]

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Identify new sales opportunities with your business owner consumers.

According to Equifax research, up to 21 percent of some organizations’ consumers could also be potential small-business owners. So if you don’t know which of your consumers are also small-business owners, you’re leaving cross-sell and upsell opportunities on the table. Equifax EFX Link™ can help. Using sophisticated data-linking technology, EFX Link™ connects data from our […]

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