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Demystifying the Technology Alphabet Soup A live question-and-answer session with Mathew Dragatsis, CEO and Founder of Radiant Solutions APIs… SDKs… SaaS… Rarely does an executive team meeting or board review pass today without mention of a custom technology or system integration need. How does one make sense of it all? In our Q&A with Mathew Dragatsis, […]

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Big Tech vs. big banks. Battling.

Originally published July 24, 2019 Shoring Up FIs ‘Deteriorating Advantage’ Over Big Tech Conventional wisdom seems to hold that challenger banks will eat traditional financial institutions’ collective lunch in the race for deposits, for checking, even for credit cards. In that mindset, banks, laden with entrenched legacy systems, with disparate platforms — call it […]

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Synthetic Identity Fraud

Published Equifax Insights blog on Jul 22nd, 2019 The Achilles’ Heel of Synthetic Identity Fraud  By Christine M. Cornwell Losses from Synthetic Identity Fraud are Increasing Most of us are familiar with the fable from Greek storyteller, Aesop, about the boy who cries wolf. To get attention, he pretends a wolf is attacking his sheep. […]

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Know Your Clients?

Originally published by Equifax Gain market advantage with in-depth portfolio analysis PortfolioID Advantage™ provides a comprehensive view into the credit profile of your customers to help optimally manage portfolio performance while minimizing risk exposure. By evaluating your portfolio against the Equifax database of credit active consumers, PortfolioID Advantage delivers deeper consumer insights to enable your business to effectively: PortfolioID […]

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MLA Changes

Changes to MLA website going into effect making it more cumbersome to verify manually. Now is the time to stop manual research and get alerts on credit instead! Around June 27, 2019, DMDC will make significant changes to the Military Lending Act (MLA) website ( to enhance security of the site and better protect the […]

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Automate and Win

Consumer Disclosure Fulfillment Outsourcing A live virtual interview with John Keilholz, Senior Vice President of Consumer Lending at Hancock Whitney Bank With each passing legislative session, the regulatory compliance burden gets heavier. How do small to medium-sized financial services providers stay true to their charter of serving their markets? One answer is outsourcing disclosure fulfillment. […]

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Targeted Direct Marketing with Success

Target Consumers Who Are Most Likely to Respond to Your Pre-approved Offer Consumers have a way of tuning out loan offers — that is, until they’re actually ready to open a new account. If you can put your message in front of them at that precise moment of interest, the chances of them accepting your […]

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Confluent Strategies Helps $27B Regional Bank Meet FCRA Compliance

Disclosure Fulfillment Service Lightens Regulatory Burden CLIENT INSIGHT: MISSISSIPPI-BASED REGIONAL BANK AUTOMATES COMPLIANCE DISCLOSURE FULFILLMENT The Challenge Two federal laws — the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), as implemented by Regulation B, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) — reflect Congress’s determination that consumers and businesses applying for credit should receive notice of the […]

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