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CS Industry Insights for November

Understanding consumer financial durability The coronavirus pandemic has impacted numerous U.S. households—but in different ways. Financial Durability helps marketers understand the financial capacity of households more holistically, beyond income and credit score. FICO study finds most banks lack digital identity verification During COVID-19 more consumers than ever are using online banking. Yet, a new survey […]

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Use a soft inquiry to check the year-end status of your business owner consumers

Evaluate your business credit risk with a soft, year-end inquiry Many of my customers are auditing their commercial accounts at year-end. While reviewing their business, you can assess the business owner’s credit performance without hurting their credit score. By utilizing Business Principal Reports from Equifax, you can make a soft inquiry on their personal credit […]

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Consider a FICO® Resilience Index as you set loss reserves for Q4 2020

We’re all aware that 2021 brings with it a certain degree of economic uncertainty. It’s critical that you are equipped to evaluate and balance your portfolios to accommodate rapidly changing conditions quickly, efficiently, and responsibly. In order to more accurately set your ALLL reserves for your Q4 2020 Call Report, I recommend you consider FICO® Resilience […]

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Lend with confidence with consumer-permissioned utility and telco data

Bring more consumers into view Start ahead with consumer-permissioned utility and telco data. To close this gap, you need a broader view of consumers. Consumer-permissioned utility and telco data from Equifax allows you access to payment histories from over 6,000 electric, natural gas, water, waste, cable, telecom, and internet providers.  Utility data has the power to […]

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CS Industry Insights for October

Rethinking lending & credit in a post-covid world The COVID-19 crisis has increased the need for digital lending platforms and processes more than any previous event. To respond to the needs of current borrowers and to serve the needs of future borrowers, banks and credit unions must simplify borrowing and provide more options for consumers […]

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Verify employment and income changes for your customers

Stay in-the-know about your customers’ employment and income changes While there’s been recent improvement in the nation’s unemployment rate, layoffs don’t seem to be slowing down, according to Marianne Wanamaker, a labor economist at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. This could mean your customers are experiencing a financial change you don’t know about yet.  Strengthen your existing […]

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Broaden your view with consumer-permissioned data

Better decisions start with a broader view Start ahead with consumer-permissioned data. Yet, many of these consumers exhibit financial responsibility by paying their bills on time. Consumer-permissioned data is financial information a consumer voluntarily consents access to, like utility and telecom payments or bank transaction records. Layering consumer-permissioned data sources on traditional credit data can move […]

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Better together: Meet the newest member of your Equifax team!

Beth Harris joins your Equifax/Confluent Strategies team We are excited to introduce you to Beth Harris, the newest member of your North Mississippi Equifax/Confluent Strategies team! Beth will be joining Karen Harris in our commitment to provide you with the highest level of service, consumer data, and solutions in order to grow your unique business. As a lifelong […]

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Need to uncover more scorable consumers?

Expanding data creates decisioning flexibility To make better risk assessments and lending decisions, you need a 360-degree view of someone’s financial profile. Because in reality, consumers are so much more than just credit-specific information. Start ahead with Equifax. Start strong with expanded data from Equifax. We put the credit file at the center of everything — […]

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